The Base Package and all “Life Story” projects include:

Pre-production meeting to plan your storyline

Let us know the main elements of your Life Story, so we can develop a timeline.

1 on-camera interview session

To be conducted at your home or wherever you feel comfortable, within the local area.

Preparation of digital assets

No limit on client supplied digital content.

Up to 50 photographs scanned to digital format

Files are saved and provided to you upon completion of the project.

Personalised music and sound effects score

Engineered from our extensive sound library.

Opening/closing sequences, titles and graphics

Broadcast quality transitions and image/text enhancement.

DVD Authoring, Sound Mix and Custom Package Design

Includes output to 5 DVDs or output to drive or social media site.

Deluxe Package includes  Base Package options with the following additions:

Up to 3 interview sessions or additional overlay

This allows other family members or friends to add their voices to your “Life Story”, or can be used to film yourself or your loved ones ‘in situ’.

Up to 200 photographs scanned to digital format

More content and a longer storyline entails greater visual accompaniment.

Personalised musical score

Engineered using your favourite music tracks.

Extra Analogue Content

We are happy to provide pricing to include additional analogue assets in your production, such as 8 mm film, old video tape footage or slide film.

For those who have the desire to provide as rich and interesting account of their “Life Story” as possible - and want nothing less than a masterpiece – we offer the Ticker Tape Parade.

Our Ticker Tape Parade is limited only by imagination and budget, which is yours to define. This might include historical film or news footage, documentary stock footage or dramatization, national or international shooting locations, commission of an original music score or use of period music, a professional narration track, high end graphics or animation sequences, and multiple interviews wherever needed.

Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your dream project.

It promises to be a lasting legacy for generations to come.