What goes into your Life Story is entirely up to you.

Your film can use a mix of on-camera interviews, family photographs and archival imagery. It can blend narration with other audio recordings, and include selected pieces of music or a specially designed music score. It can chronicle you doing your favourite activities, and interacting with friends and family. We can film you at home or travel away with you, covering any element you might need to create your ultimate documentary portrait.

We achieve all this using "Broadcast Quality" production techniques and equipment. High Definition Panasonic camera units combined with state-of-art editing software promises a finished film that would be right at home on any  television channel, delivered with the expertise of over 25 years in the film and television industry.

Project Life Story is truly a unique way to preserve your story, and pass it down through the generations…for years to come.

Major Events that created shifts in the Collective and Personal Psyche.

The Twists & Turns of the Family Tree

Major Milestones & Accomplishments

A chance to say how much our friends and family mean to us before the chance passes.