Toni Houston Media specializes in intimate, in-house video production services, but can pull together a professional team to cater to any level of production or budget size.

In-house, Toni Houston Media offers the following assets:


Full High Definition, broadcast quality Panasonic HDV camera, coupled with Manfrotto tripod and wireless microphones.


Apple Macintosh Final Cut Pro X (I Mac) editing workstation, complete with 3TB drive and 27 inch screen. Full suite of associated high-end graphics software, special effects, transitions and audio library. Broadcast quality delivery and duplication options, and ability to import media from a variety of sources at full resolution.


Budgets are finalized on a project-by-project basis, and can be either on a fixed rate, or itemized at an hourly rate.

As a guide, we base all budgets on approximately $600 day rate for video production. An hourly rate of $75 per hour is charged for shooting, editing, scripting and post production services, or $50 per hour for non-technical production (research, concept development and briefings).

For larger productions, Toni Houston Media can outsource and provide budget advice
for the following resources and assets:

 Original music composition

Special effects and graphics

Digital transfer of archival material (e.g. 8mm film or Super 8)

Photo re-enhancement

Copyrighted artwork, music or media

Historical film footage or news-reels

Aerial cinematography

Specialist marine and wildlife cinematography

Promotion and marketing