Toni Houston Media has a long history in natural history filmmaking, and is informed by years of international travel, conservation work, and multicultural storytelling.

In the wildlife/travel genres, Toni Houston has a diverse employment history. As researcher, scriptwriter and editor she has worked for leading natural history broadcasters such as the ABC Natural History Unit through to high profile independent documentary companies, most notably Emmy-award winning David Hannan Productions.

For five years Toni travelled to some of the planet’s most remote and wild places – including Antarctica, Arctic, Galapagos and Baja - working as onboard filmmaker on the expedition vessel The National Geographic Lindblad Explorer and producing many of the company’s promotional films. The luxury private jet company, TCS Expeditions, engaged Toni to produce a high-end corporate film of the company, for display at trade shows across the USA.

Toni wrote, directed and edited the first High Definition feature length documentary about Antarctica, entitled Antarctica Dreaming, which is now being distributed worldwide. Reindrop Media and the Smithsonian Channel USA then engaged Toni as scriptwriter and editor for the 6 part series Undersea Edens, which was awarded “Best Series” at the 2010 International Wildlife Film Festival, USA.

Toni was also scriptwriter for the High Definition re-make of the multi-award winning Coral Sea Dreaming, the original of which is the highest grossing underwater film in Australian history.

Toni Houston Media continues to prioritise films about the beauty and demise of our oceans, and is strongly affiliated with the Ocean Ark Alliance (OAA). Based in Australia, the OAA is a not-for-profit organisation, with a global network of organisations and individuals committed to sponsoring marine education and conservation. Please see: